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Belt orientator

Ensures containers of a non-symmetrical shape are correctly orientated for a downstream process by gripping and rotating using the containers neck.

Paddle orientator

Ensures containers are correctly orientated by gripping and rotating on the container body, particularly useful with an offset neck.

Orientator 360°

Correctly orientates round bottles with an orientation ramp for a downstream process.

Dual Belt Separator

Backed belts mounted both sides of the conveyor belt separate/ stop the container without the need for change parts.

Starwheel Systems

A range of starwheels to control flow, reduce line pressure and space prior to a downstream process.

Belt Transfer

Belts mounted both sides of the conveyor carry containers across a gap to aid inspection or the removal of broken glass.


Accepts containers fed from two production lines and combines them into a single stream.


Provides two lanes of containers from a single infeed, the diverting is either on a container by container basis or in groups.

Sleeve Lubricator

Coats round glass bottles with a lubricant after sleeving to replace the properties of cold-end coating.

Oversize Bottle Gauger

Checks and automatically rejects oversize containers or those with bulged label panels.

Orientation Watchdog

Ensures containers are correctly orientated and rejects incorrectly orientated containers.

Cullet Rejection System

Removes broken glass (cullet) from the conveyor without rejecting good bottles.