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Starwheel Systems

Noshe™ offers a range of versatile starwheels to meet most customers requirements.

These compact Starwheel Units mount directly onto the sidewall of any conventional conveyor. An aluminium frame provides an adjustable support for the unit.

Units can be fitted with either a friction wheel, spring loaded fingered starwheel or solid plastic starwheels.

An upstream sensor pauses the starwheel before it becomes starved in order to maintain a primed head necessary to ensure the correct 'meshing' between fingers and containers. A downstream sensor also pauses the starwheel in the event of a downstream blockage.

Applications Include:

  1. Reducing line pressure for inspection or filling.
  2. Providing uniform spacing for downstream processes including shrink wrapping and x-ray.
  3. Fitting a solid starwheel or friction wheel allows 'product' to be driven over a deadplate, i.e. on the infeed of a check-weigher.
  4. Jars can be driven through a turn-over unit by mounting two friction wheels opposite each other.

Benefits Include:

  1. A range of Change Parts is available.
  2. Handles Round or Non-Round Bottles.
  3. Pulleys and a belt allow a wide range of speeds.
  4. Simple installation to existing conveyor.
  5. Quick and easy fitting of change parts.
  6. Only requires a single phase supply.